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Avenue Arts Marketplace & Theatre

Avenue Arts Marketplace & Theatre

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Resident Artists

Artist BZTAT

 Artist Vicki Boatright, known as “BZTAT” (pronounced bee-zee-tat), specializes in whimsical drawings, paintings and prints of cats, dogs and other companion animals.

Artful Codgers

Welcome to Artful Codgers, the art site of Khrysso Heart and Grey Forge LeFey: old guys with mad art skills! Khrysso is a paper collagist and writer with fierce editing skills. Grey is a painter and storyteller. Both make music, digital art, and more!

Art of Efy

efy is a Contemplative Photographer and published author. She has traveled the country speaking on the Transformative Journey. She is a Spiritual Director to others who are seeking such a path. A native of  Tuscarawas County, Ohio, she has always felt a powerful relationship to nature. With an Associates Degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, efy began her love affair with the natural world with a 35mm camera, capturing spirits of light, color and movement in the beautiful natural areas of the county.

 Canton Cloth Company

The Canton Cloth Company was created with you in mind. We specialize in bringing you ultra soft and comfortable retro & vintage apparel that not only looks good but feels good while you have it on. We want you to be able to creatively display pride in your local roots whether you are from the “FAME CITY” of Canton, Ohio or just like to show off your state and cultural swagger while out and about.

CJ's Photography - The ColorShoppe

Award winning photography for wall decor! Create a custom project with us or choose from our in-stock selection of over 100 beautiful images! Flowers, scenics, abstracts, classic cars, boats, trains, and much more! Many images can be color-adjusted to match your decor!

Ethel's Gifts

Ethel's gifts is the place to find unique gifts. Our eclectic store combines handmade items from a variety of local artists with other unique handmade items culled throughout the world to create a one of a kind shopping experience.  We take requests! Special gifts for a special occasion!

Heather Bullach Art

Heather Bullach is a portrait and landscape artist. Working primarily in oils, her style ranges from tight realism to expressive impressionism. Whether painting an accurate likeness or a landscape inspired by her rural Ohio surroundings or frequent visits to Charleston, SC, capturing an essence and mood beyond the physical surface is her focus.

JLC Designs Jewelry

JLC Designs jewelry artists, Jennifer Lutton and Laura Cohn, create jewelry using wire, beads, gemstones and found objects. We design our jewelry with inspiration from nature, fashion and our imaginations.

Michelle Waalkes

Micheleʼs current work seeks to push the scope of her photography by transferring it onto fabric, wood, aluminum, and other surfaces.  She frequently manipulates, embellishes, and layers her photos to create contemplative pieces. Her work has been exhibited in various regional and national venues as well as in Italy.


Quality handmade soap for eco-conscious adventurers who want to simplify their lives. It's natural soap for shampoo + conditioner + body. All in one.

Skyified Crochet

Skylark Bruce creates delightful hand-crocheted items from secondhand yarn, plastic bags, and VHS tapes

 Tri-County AIDS Coalition

The Mission of The Tri-County AIDS Coalition is to support HIV-AIDS related individual endeavors and / or organizations by providing services such as, but not limited to food, shelter, and other basic needs that must be fulfilled in our communities.

Urte Jocaite

Expressions created experimenting with non-traditional medium combos.

The Wholesome Hive

The Wholesome Hive strives to be a self-sustaining small business that focuses on the physical well-being of the local customer through the education and use of high quality, homemade, chemical-free, all-natural body and home care products.

Writing Knights

The Best Time to Write is Now... The Best Place to Write is Here... The Best Person to Write is You...